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The opening ceremony of Changbao Oman Oil Pipe LLC was held successfully

Views: 41210/14/2016  


October 10, 2016, Changbao Oman oil pipe project started in Oman Sohar Free Trade Zone held successfully. Mr. Mohammad-Garibi of PDO, Mr. Mark Glenkoten, CEO of Sohar Port, Mr. Jamal-Aziz, CEO of Sohar Free Zone, as well as representatives of local banks and some dealers were invited to attend.

Changbao Oman Oil Pipe Company will uphold the business philosophy of "professional achievement quality" of Changbao Co., Ltd., establish quality and brand, protect local environment, respect Oman law, do a high quality and high efficiency, and create value for customers and Oman local Excellent company.

The Changbao Oman Petroleum Pipeline Project is the first outbound project of Changbao, and the first industrial project in China's Sohar Bonded Zone. The construction of the project is in line with the national strategy of "all the way along the road" which is vigorously promoted by China. It is beneficial for Changbao to go international and promote the balanced development of the international and domestic markets. It will help to further enhance the proportion of foreign business and enhance the overall competitiveness of the company. Development brings good development space.

The Middle East is one of the world's most important oil-producing regions, has always been the focus of the oil industry enterprises in the region. In this investment and set up factories, both to the Middle East and Africa region radiation can also be a free trade agreement with the Oman countries to export, is an ideal place of production and trade.










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