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Chairman's Statement

Welcome to the website of Jiangsu Changbao Steel Tube Limited Co.

On behalf of all members of Changbao:

To you, to care for and support us domestic and foreign friends and the public to express my sincere thanks!

Changbao was founded in 1958, with the history of more than sixty years. The revolution of Changbao has gone thru the period of tough beginning, marketing economy and professional pursuit. 

Someone asked me, what is the core competitive power? I said, it consists of good management team, differentiated product, special technique, swift marketing reaction, creative mechanism and core elite, “small and beautiful” structure and creative company culture.

Someone also asked me, what is the value of your company? I said, to provide unique product and service, to create value for customers. All the resource of our company will be used for creating 

The development of Changbao relies on the support from our customers and all parties in this world. Our final target of development is to achieve a common value for Changbao, our employee, our society and our stakeholder.

The development is like running marathon, you can only be acquired with honor and respect if you can insist to the end. The company who can insist to the end is the best company. The fittest will survive in the dynamic competition. Changbao will develop based on our creative and steady strategy. 

Now Changbao progress based on the idea of creating the leading enterprises of domestic manufacturers of energy pipe, create our brand, develop our team, create value for customer and acquire the respect of society. The entire company is running enthusiastically with the spirit of healthy, sustainable and speciality.

I believe the vision and duty of Changbao will come true with the effort of our excellent leadership and our advanced company culture, and become a respectable public company.

Thank the people who support for us and make contribution to Changbao!

Chairman of Changbao: Cao Jian.

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