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CB Precision Steel Tube Co., Ltd.

JiangSu Changbao Precision Steel Tube Co., Ltd., founded in the year 2006, it is the wholly-owned subsidiary of JiangSu Changbao Steel Tube Limited Co.The company has more than 900 workers,Including 185 engineers and technicians. The company locates in Jiangsu province,Jintan city economic development zone, besides Jinwu express way,has superior geographical location and convenient transportation.The company has two major business units that are energy pipe unit and precision unit.

Precision management unit professionally produces oil well pipes, including API standard casing, anti-corrosion casing, anti-collapse casing, premium threads casing, coupling material, drill pipe, perforating gun pipe, and line pipe. It also produces high-pressured boiler pipe, low and medium boiler pipe, hydrocylinder pipe, pipes used for machinery and common engineering structure, auto-used axle shaft sleeve, petroleum cracking pipe, and hydropost pipe, etc.

Energy management unit professionally produces, U-tube for high pressure feed-water heater, HRSG super-long tube, high-medium-low pressure boiler pipe, cold rolling(drawing)precision seamless pipe, geological drilling pipe, gas cylinder tube, liquid conveying pipe, structure pipe, OCTG, petroleum cracking pipe, pipe for high-pressure fertilizer equipment,  Locomotive pipe etc.

The enterprise vision is make the first-class products and establish the first-class brand, the target is to build the enterprise for small and beauty. Aiming at the domestic and foreign high-end seamless steel  tube Market that based on high starting point of the overall design, high standards of equipment manufacturing, high demand for selecting talents. With the advanced enterprise in the world as pattern that push us to become the advanced seamless steel pipe enterprise for first-class products, first-class service, first-class management, first-class team.

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