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CB Equipment maintenance Co.,Ltd.

Changzhou Changbao Steel Tube Equipment Maintenance Co., Ltd. was established in 2004, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jiangsu Changbao Steel Tube Co., Ltd. It  provides comprehensive technical support and equipment maintenance services for other subsidiaries of Changbao, meantime also provides equipment maintenance and technical services for the community. It is independently operated and has 80 colleagues.

The company's main business is: to undertake various types of equipment maintenance from various subsidiaries of Changbao, maintenance operations and equipment on the regular spare parts assembly and repair; To undertake overhaul, annual repair, technical improvement, and other services, and to participate the decision of repair project; To undertake the installation service; To undertake the machining, repair and manufacture service of various mechanical spare part; To undertake the maintenance and overhaul of motor business of 90 KW and lower ; to undertake large and medium-sized cylinder repair and spare parts processing business; to undertake vehicles in the routine maintenance and overhaul operations.

The company is established based on the ideology "clear assets, clear business processes, clear personnel relations", to clarify the operation mode. At the meantime, we also take "improve operational efficiency, improve operational quality, reduce operating costs" as the core business objectives.

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