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Changbao 2015 annual advanced recognition conference

Views: 46801/26/2016  

(Correspondent Liu Zhifeng) On January 21st,2016, Changbao 2015 annual advanced recognition Conference held at Wujin Changzhou Sheraton Hotel. Company leaders, the company's principal responsible person, middle assistant and above management, job length and part of the management, technical backbone, advanced staff representatives attended the conference.

At the meeting, the company president Zhu Hongzhang entrusted the vice president Zhang Lanyong represent the management level to make 《2015 annual work report》.The report comprehensive analysis, summary and review of the company's achievements in 2015, praise the advanced groups and individuals. Meanwhile, Mr. Zhang pointed that the insufficient of 2015, and proposed goal, key work ,main work of 2016.

Then, the secretary of the party committee Han Qiaolin read out the 《Changbao 2015 annual advanced group (team) and advanced individual recognition decision》 and the company leaders rewarded the advanced (praise) collective, advanced operation area (team), star managers, star operations, star engineers, management star, technology star, operation star, sales star, excellent staff, etc. Representatives of the winners have made a statement.


In the end of the conference, chairman of the board Cao Jian made the important speech.

Firstly, Mr. Cao represent the directorate  to obtain the recognition of the advanced team and individuals to express warm congratulations, to express the heartfelt thanks to the hard work they have paid in the past year.

Mr Cao pointed that under the management the president Mr. Zhu Changbao has achieved great success in 2015. This not only condenses the hard work and sweat of the staff and workers of Changbao, but also can not do without the leading role of the advanced collectives and outstanding individuals here. It is inseparable from our hard work and hard work.  

Mr. Cao did a profound interpretation from three aspects including the company operation situation in 2015, the industry situation in 2016, as well as the future development of Changbao orientation.

Finally, Mr Cao emphasized that 2015 has become the past, 2016 has sailed. Every Changbao personnel should be better for the company to survive, professional focus, sophisticated endlessly, more than innovation, endless struggle. In 2016, Changbao will be more positive and makes more effort to realize the new development of the company.

That night, the participants attended the advanced recognition of the general assembly.














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