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Pan Cheng Gang LD steelmaking to strengthen scientific and technological products

Views: 45608/26/2010  

This year, Chengdu steelmaking process optimization and new product development around such tasks, engaging in a series of technology research and innovation activities, through improved technology and management tools, pay close attention to the production process control, enhance production of organization and coordination, to enhance the technical and economic indicators, stop loss for the company to improve efficiency, enhance core competitiveness provides a strong guarantee.

It is understood that the company is currently climbing high into steel production has reached the smooth lines and high-yield production, the main production HPB235, HRB335 and HRB400 common building materials such as steel, and steel market demand for varieties of steel, especially cold heading steel, quality carbon structural steel so much larger than the general line of market efficiency. Variety of steel smelting is difficult, complex components and elements, for which, the plant made it clear that the new research and development, production, testing at all levels is necessary to establish quality awareness, to the limited production, technical innovation, research and development resources for the varieties of steel smelting .

Species in the smelting process of steel, the plant leadership and technical guidance to staff the entire process of tracking the production, and actively explore the technology research practice, metallurgical raw materials from storage to all aspects of the problem of production operations, the whole process of accurate cost control, so that smelting process of continuous, efficient and energy saving, and steel-making process through the adjustment of means to improve casting tundish of continuous casting optimization of secondary cooling nozzle, select a reasonable cooling curve, effectively restricting the production, affecting the quality and cost problems. The company recently successfully produced a 60 steel, the slab of low times and high-power indicators are to meet the requirements of production process, the use of that product performance, the targets are met or exceeded user requirements, variety of large-scale production for the company to lay steels the foundation.

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