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Tianjin Pipe International Trade Group of companies developing the African market through multiple channels

Views: 44209/03/2010  

The past two years, with the outbreak of trade protectionism in some countries, seamless steel pipe export situation more severe. Tianjin Pipe International Trade Group, the company actively respond to the adverse situation, in accordance with the overall strategic plan of the company, and vigorously develop new international markets such as Africa, has made gratifying achievements.

Currently, TPCO African market exports thousands of tons from 2007 expanded to a few tons, and in Egypt, Nigeria, Algeria and other countries have established a certain position in the market for international trade company in the first half increased by 34.82% of total exports played a key role.

First, strengthen the construction of overseas sales outlets. Prejudge the situation of trade protection may occur, prompt response, Tianjin Pipe UK Ltd was incorporated. On the one hand the ITC's sales more convenient close to the African continent, on the other hand close to control of Africa's major oil and gas industry, oil companies and engineering companies in Europe. TPCO location overseas sales staff to quickly get first-hand information on the consumer market pipe, and can visit clients at any time, conduct business negotiations.

Second, actively participate in the exhibition of oil held in Africa. Has participated in Algeria, Egypt, Libya and South Africa's oil show, and organizations participating in the show while technical and business team to visit the local influential oil companies to do the entire areas marketing, improve visibility in the African market TPCO. By co-operating with the traders and stock, to South Africa, Kenya, Gabon, Tunisia, Chad and other African market supply, in effect, a virtuous cycle of marketing and expanding the influence TPCO products, and further open the African market.

Third, strengthening the certification. Certification by the oil companies in Africa is the local gain the basic conditions for the order. TPCO actively promoted through various channels, certification of oil companies, has adopted the Egyptian national oil company (EGPC), Egyptian Natural Gas Company, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation and other major oil companies certified, and actively promote the special deduction in Nigeria, product certification, and achieved a good evaluation.

Fourth, implementation of the headquarters-based marketing strategy. African oil and gas production by Western oil companies more control, purchasing decisions are often rests in the hands of European headquarters. This characteristic for the African market, TPCO actively strengthen cooperation with oil companies, construction companies, the European headquarters of the links to create the conditions for business cooperation, and ultimately its in Algeria, Tunisia and other places in the project delivery.

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