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The first line of Baoji Steel Pipe smooth arrival of Turkmenistan

Views: 54209/06/2010  

At September 1st noon, news came from railway sector of Turkmenistan, Turkmenistan pipeline project where Baoji Steel Pipe Company attended arrived Lubumbashi station along the Caspian Sea with the first 9 cars contained pipes smoothly.
Turkmenistan pipeline is Baoji to implement management and control model based adjusted export items for the initial contract, but also the pipeline company is set up outside the single undertaking of the first. To ensure the smooth operation of the first single trade project, led by the company headquarters in the lead, together with relevant departments of the headquarters, sales pipeline company head office and other units jointly established a project leading group, has held several meetings arrangements for relevant work; the same time, total sales formed the backbone of the company transferred professional Turkmenistan pipeline project coordination team, to do a good job with the owner and the Baoji Department, Commodity Inspection Bureau and other coordination and communication liaison work to ensure the smooth running of the project; pipeline companies to overcome the raw materials to factories and other deferred difficulties, scientific organizations, carefully arranged to ensure the production, shipping and other aspects of running smoothly. Items from the August 3 officially put the start of production, which lasted 26 days, to August 29 ended in victory, a total of 15,056 tons production contract management, the successful completion of the tube task.
Since August 7 Turkmenistan pipeline project launched since the work of steel shipped, the company has completed the customs declaration, inspection and shipping and other work. Deadline September 2rd, 32 cars reached the smooth steel bar Xi Turkmen station.

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