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Wenjiabao: To promote greater and more sustainable development of China''s economy

Views: 55209/15/2010  

2010 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting New Champions (fourth Summer Davos Forum) opening 13 in Tianjin, Premier Wen Jiabao attended the opening ceremony. He stressed that we will be short-term policies and long-term development policies regulating organic combine to deepen the reform and opening up and promote the scientific development of organic integrated to solve the deep-seated 、 structural problems, and promote a greater and more lasting economic development. He also pointed out that housing is not only economic issues, but also affect social stability important livelihood issues, stable housing prices and the provision of security is an important responsibility of governments at all levels.
Wen said that the past two years, in very difficult and complex circumstances, the Chinese economy was the first pick in the world for the better, to maintain stable and rapid economic development, which is the result of full implementation of the package. The effectiveness of the acquisition not only to maintain the current economic growth and social stability is more important is to maintain the good momentum of China's economic development and modernization process is not due to large external shocks and big ups and downs, its significant and far-reaching.
Wen stressed that the international financial crisis, we have always attached great importance to promoting economic development patterns and economic restructuring. Two years, domestic demand, especially consumption on the role of economic growth continued to improve, upgrade industrial structure, accelerate infrastructure construction be strengthened, energy conservation and environmental protection, solid progress, increased coordination of regional development.
Wen pointed out that we implement the proactive fiscal policy and loose monetary policy to stimulate unprecedented intensity, while better control of the fiscal and financial risks. This year, our budget deficit and government debt, the bank's capital adequacy ratio and non-performing loans rate, are in the safe range. Faced with the sudden impact of the international financial crisis, we have taken extraordinary policy measures are necessary, these policies and measures to play an active role in the same time, will inevitably bring some negative effects, the key is to These effects can be controlled to within sustainable limits. From this perspective, we are better dealt with the relationship between Hennessy and Chubi.
Wen noted that China implement a package of plans not only to maintain the country's economic stability and rapid growth, but also for the world to make an important contribution to economic recovery. China's economic growth for the multinationals provide significant opportunities for the major economies and the surrounding countries to create a lot of demand, become an important engine of world economic recovery, has greatly enhanced the world's confidence in overcoming the global financial crisis.
Wen stressed that the current growth rate of China's economy showed rapid 、 structure gradually optimize the 、 employment continued to increase 、 good pattern of stable prices. In the second quarter growth rate after the emergence of major economic indicators down, the base is mainly the result of the impact and active control . We have the confidence 、 conditions 、 ability to maintain stable and rapid economic development. We will adhere to the handle to maintain stable and rapid economic development 、 the adjustment of economic structure and management of the relationship between inflation expectations, as the core of macroeconomic regulation and control, the stabilization policy the main keynote for macroeconomic regulation, to ensure policy continuity 、 stability, enhance the regulation of specific 、 flexibility to further consolidate and develop the good momentum.

Wen pointed out that the international financial crisis, the profound impact not completely eliminate, the world economy have not yet entered a virtuous cycle of steady growth, systemic and structural risks are still quite prominent. In the face of new international and domestic situation, the current and future period, we will focus on efforts in the following areas:
Adhere to the inside and outside the balanced development, focused on building consumer demand to expand domestic demand, especially long-term mechanism. We will accelerate the income distribution system reform, efforts to improve the income share of national income and labor remuneration in primary distribution of income, create the conditions for more people to own property income, as soon as possible to reverse the widening income gap and promote sustainable growth in income and consumption.
Persist in innovation-driven, focus on promoting scientific and technological progress and industrial structure optimization and upgrading. We will improve the scientific and technological innovation ability and improve the organic unity of modern industrial system, with advanced technology to transform traditional industries, cultivating a number of independent intellectual property rights and famous brands 、 international competition the advantage of strong business, construction of a number of international level and driving ability of the modern industrial clusters and the promotion of the manufacturing country into a manufacturing powerhouse. We will make the next new trend of technological progress, strengthen policy support, and planning guidance, and actively cultivate development of strategic new industries, accelerate the formation of a new pillar industry, and strive to achieve leapfrog development.
Adhere to conserve resources and protect the environment, focus on improving the efficiency of resource use and respond to climate change. We will further improve the regulations and standards, strengthen the appraisal target responsibility to promote the development of circular economy, and comprehensively promote energy 、 water 、 and land 、 and materials and resources utilization, enhance natural resource conservation and management, and strengthening comprehensive management, conservation and restoration ecology.
Adhere to the economic and social development, efforts to protect and improve people's livelihood and promote social equity and justice. We will promote employment as a priority objective of economic and social development, the implementation of a more active employment policy, and actively develop jobs, and encourage their own businesses, and promote full employment. We will focus on enhancing capacity of public services, and gradually form a more complete 、 urban and rural 、 sustainable basic public service system, improve the social security 、 the fields of basic health care level of equalization. The housing problems are both economic issues, but also affect social stability important livelihood issues, stable housing prices and the provision of security is an important responsibility of governments at all levels. We should further standardize the market order, improving land 、 tax, financial policies, accelerate the establishment of the real estate market to promote the healthy development of long-term mechanism, inhibiting investment 、 speculative demand, and guide the general housing market to increase supply, accelerate the construction of affordable housing, development of public rental housing, promote the formation of reasonable housing supply structure to meet the housing needs of multi-level. insist on deepening reform, efforts to enhance the power and sustainable development vitality.

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