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Changzhou Economic Development Zone Leadership Group visited ChangBao to have a regular discussion

Views: 53407/01/2015  


       On the afternoon of June 12, Mr. Gu Weiguo, secretary of the Party Working Committee of Changzhou Economic Development Zone, Mr. Dong Caifeng, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee and director of the Management Committee, Li Wentao, and other leaders visited Changbao. Chairman of the Board Cao Jian, President Zhu Hongzhang, Deputy General Manager Zhang Lanyong, Han Qiaolin, Yao Weimin and Zhao Dan undertook warm reception.

        This is the first time that he development zone leaders and his party to visit Changbao since the establishment of Changzhou Economic Development Zone. Cao introduced the achievements made by ChangBao in recent years with the support and help of the local government, and pointed out that Changbao is now in a new stage of development, an innovation and transformation period, Changbao's leadership and the whole Employees have the ability and confidence to make more contributions to local economic development.

        Mr. Gu also affirmed the development and achievements of Changbao in recent years and said that the newly established Economic Development Zone will continue to regard economic construction as the center and vigorously visit the supporting enterprises. He hoped that Changbao will continue to play the leading enterprises' advantages and integrate all the advantages. Aspects of resources and platforms to speed up the development of the company, to make more contributions to local economic construction.

        It is reported that June 4, 2015 Changzhou Economic Development Zone was formally established. Wujin District will entrust the management of Qishuyan, Ding yan, Lucheng three streets and Hengshan Bridge, Heng Lin, Yao Guan 3 towns to the Changzhou Economic Development Zone.


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