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Deputy Secretary-General of the Jiangsu Provincial Government Fang Wei and his party to the company research exchange

Views: 52607/01/2015  

On the afternoon of June 9, Fang Wei, Deputy Secretary-General of Jiangsu Provincial Committee, accompanied the comrades of relevant departments of the province and the city to study and exchange with Changbao Company. Chairman of the Board Cao Jian, Deputy General Manager Zhang Lanyong undertook a warm reception. Mr. Cao briefed the Deputy Secretary General on the operation and development of Changbao in recent years, and thanked the government for its help and support.

Deputy Secretary-General Fang Wei, after a detailed understanding of the company's production and operation, the company's current business ideas and business performance to be sure, encourage companies to continue to do better and better, Continue to create a good development environment for enterprise development, accelerate the promotion of enterprises to do better and better.

 (Text / Chang Bao shares Liu Zhifeng)

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