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Company team to participate in the 20th "Mount Jintan Mountain Mountain Fitness Conference"

Views: 49910/14/2015  

       By the provincial social sports management center and the Jintan government sponsored the "2015 Changbao shares Jintan Maoshan mountain climbing fitness conference", in October 11th in Maoshan scenic tourist area, which is held since 1996, the twentieth Maoshan mountaineering activities, Jiangsu Province has become the one of "Top Ten urban fitness landscape" .

      The mountaineering activities co-titled by the company . Zhang Lanyong, deputy general manager of Changbao shares, addressed the conference on behalf of the company at the launching ceremony. He wished the summit of Maotanshan Mountain Mountain Fitness Conference in 2015 to be a success, and the athletes achieved excellent results. Leadership together for the mountaineering guns fired.

       The mountaineering activities of the local team, open group of participating teams and participants team, the province has a total of 45 representatives of the team,more than 600 people participated in the mountaineering activities, the company has 95 employees to participate in, Changbao Precesion team won the sixth of “Staff Group project ".

(Often Po shares Chen Yulin)


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