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The company held in 2014 advanced recognition of the General Assembly

Views: 50502/13/2015  

         February 10, 2015, the company in 2014 advanced recognition of the General Assembly held in Jintan. The main person in charge of the company, mid-level assistant and above management personnel, operating length and part of the management, technical backbone, advanced staff representatives attended the awards ceremony.

        The meeting was presided over by Party Secretary Han Qiao-lin.

        At the meeting, Zhu Hongzhang, president of the company on behalf of the company to the General Assembly made a "general manager of the 2014 annual report." Zhu's report comprehensively analyzed, summed up and reviewed the company's achievements in 2014, pointed out the lack of work in 2014, put forward the goal of 2015, the focus of work and the main task.

        He pointed out that 2014 is often the treasure of the year of change. The company will focus on the "Outer market, internal management, innovation and change, realize the leap" business ideas around the beginning of the program budget, in accordance with the overall requirements of small and beautiful enterprises, innovation and change, sophisticated management, has been extremely difficult Of the results. In the whole industry downturn, the company's labor productivity, product value, gross margin and many other performance indicators are in the forefront of the industry, the company is in general to a good situation.

        He stressed that 2015 is the value of Chang Bao-year. The face of the new situation and new tasks, Chang Po staff must further enhance the sense of responsibility and mission, Ningxinjuli, tackling tough, and the company with the breath, a total fate, together to create Changbao new history. As long as we are serious, sophisticated, keep surprising, to pay no less than anyone's efforts to promote the work, often Po will become a distinctive, lean Dud lines of energy pipe manufacturing enterprises!

        At the meeting, Zhang Lanyong, the deputy general manager of the joint-stock company and the general manager of the oil well pipe business department, read the book "About Changbao 2014 Advanced Collective (Team) and Individual Individual Commendation Decision", the leaders of the company successively advanced (praised) collective, advanced operation area Star, star, star, star, star, star, star, sales star, excellent staff, Changbao newcomer and other winners were awarded the award, the representative of the winners have made a speech.

        Finally, Cao Jian, chairman of the company made an important speech.

        Mr. Cao, on behalf of the Board of Directors, warmly congratulated the advanced teams and individuals who received the company's commendation and expressed their heartfelt thanks to them for their hard work over the past year.

        He pointed out that, in 2014, Chang Bao in Zhu Hongzhang as the leader of the leadership team under the strong leadership of the company's work has achieved satisfactory results, which not only condensate all the staff and workers often treasure hard and sweat, Do not open the advanced collective and excellent personal exemplary role, can not do without everyone's hard work and hard work.

        In his view, as Chang Bao advanced, there should be five characteristics: one to go the right way, there is positive energy; two should have a level of professionalism; three to speak rules, compliance; four to have performance, can play Win; five to be respected, to be sustained recognition.

        He pointed out that, at present, the international and domestic situation in the downlink channel, the elements of rapid economic development is not available. Steel industry overcapacity, reduce demand, in order to survive in the competition, highly competitive. At the same time, the company's overall strength continues to increase, relying on excellent management team and the spirit of continuous innovation, the company operating in general to maintain a healthy situation.

        He stressed that innovation, brand, culture, value and mechanism is the core elements of the company's development, the company should focus on these core elements to build the core competitiveness. To strive to become a sustainable, core capabilities of the manufacturing enterprises, distinctive, is a Clipsal, scientific management, brand management.

        He finally stressed that, under the new normal, the staff of Changbao should continue to be vigorous and vigorous, better than 2014 to do; to believe that the company's strength, believe in their own strength; do not forget the heart, industry serve the country; China's small and the United States, the world's small and the United States.

        At the end of the meeting, Party Secretary Han Qiaolin made a summary of the meeting. The commendation ceremony ended in a warm atmosphere.

        That evening, the participants attended the advanced awards show. (Text / Liu Zhifeng)

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