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258 colleagues joined in 2015 Changzhou Wujin West Taihu Lake International Half Marathon

Views: 50010/21/2015  

             2015 Changzhou Wujin West Taihu International Half Marathon and "Happy Run China" Changzhou race held in Changzhou West Lake Flower Expo on Oct.18th. More than 8,000 players,from China, the United States, Canada, Kenya and other countries and regions gathered together to participate in the competition. Members of Chinese national volleyball team also joined in the event.

             Our Changbao also actively organized employees, total of 258 people to participate in the event. All the staff wore uniforms, with a Five-star red flag logo and our Changbao’s company logo on their chest position. Our slogan is "I run, I am healthy, I am happy." Employees were seperately involved in the half marathon, 10 km project and 3 km project.



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