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Changbao 2015 memoir conference

Views: 57710/21/2015  

 On the afternoon of Oct. 16th,  Changbao 2015 memoir conference held on the 402 meeting room of the science building. Chairman of the board Cao Jian, the president Zhu Hongzhang, the relevant cadres of the company and engineering technicians attended this meeting. The meeting host by the president assistant Yu Baoxiang.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Yu made the brief introduction of the formative situation of the Changbao memoir. He pointed that the 2015 memoir consists of  Prologue and 53 pieces of papers which is the maiden work and milestone for Changbao that condensed the over the years hard work of the engineering technicians.  

Soon afterwards, Zhang Jingsong the representative of Joint-stock company, Chen Zhaofa the representative of Jingte, Liu Guanghua the representative of Precision as the author of the paper to share the experience of project implementation and the feelings of the paper writing. They share in the exchange process have stressed the responsibility, adherence and meticulous importance, also very grateful to the company to give them the opportunity to show their value, and said they would continue to contribute to the company technology development.

Finally, chairman of the board Mr. Cao, the president Mr. Zhu combined with the meeting situation made a clear request and hope for the company innovation and engineering technicians.

                                             (Editor/Changbao joint-stock LuLan)   

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