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The company's supplier meeting in 2015 was successfully held

Views: 90210/30/2015  


               On October 27th, Changbao’s supplier conference was held in Changzhou Shangri-La Hotel, whose theme was "brand cooperation, and create value" President Zhu Hongzhang, Party Secretary Han Qiao Lin, Deputy General Manager Yao Weimin and more than 50 suppliers from all over the country attended the meeting.

               The meeting was presided over by Party Secretary Han Qiao Lin.

               The main purpose of this supplier meeting is to summarize the supply and demand of Changbao in 2015, and to thank the outstanding suppliers for the preparation of the work of suppliers in advance in 2016. At the meeting, Mr.Cheng Geng, Manager of Material Procurement    Dept. introduced the operation summary of Changbao’s procurement in 2015 and advised for future procurement model for the next stage in 2016. 

               Representatives of outstanding suppliers had speeches to share the feelings and details of cooperation with the Changbao at the meeting as well.

        Mr. Zhu Hongzhang, the president of the company, expressed his gratitude to the suppliers for their contribution to the product quality and brand building. At the same time, he pointed out that the current industry is in the winter, the steel industry situation is not optimistic, seamless steel pipe industry under pressure from the market environment and competition within the industry double impact. In addition, downstream users have more requirements on quality, price and delivery time for Changbao’s products. Zhu pointed out that in the current environmental conditions, Changbao and suppliers need to brand cooperation, create value together and he also put forward specific requirements and hopes on suppliers.

         Commissioned by the chairman Cao Jian, Han Qiaolin, secretary of the work put forward specific views and requirements to the suppliers from the innovative value, self-brand, respect for self-discipline, promises, the Internet and other aspects of thinking. At the same time,he hoped that Changbao could create value for long-term win-win cooperation with suppliers.

                During the meeting, President Zhu Hongzhang also awarded the outstanding supplier in 2015. At the same time, representatives of ten outstanding suppliers signed the commitment letter, aimed to set up a long-term cooperation relationship with Changbao.







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