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Vice Mayor Wang Chengbin and his entourage visited the company

Views: 89410/30/2015  

(Correspondent Shi Huijuan) October 21 morning, Wang Chengbin, deputy mayor of Changzhou to visit the Changbao. Chairman of the Board Cao Jian, President Zhu Hongzhang, Deputy General Manager Zhang Lanyong, Yao Weimin, Assistant to the General Manager Yu Baoxiang, etc.

Mr. Zhu  reported to Wang, vice mayor of the company's development. He said that in the face of the severe external market, the company has differentiated market positioning, this year the company actively compressed inventory, reduce risk, cost control has made certain achievements, the company's KPI indicators in the industry leading position. At present, the company is developing 2016 budget and planning five work reports, to enhance the basic management, and promote product technology upgrades, strengthen brand building, to create a sustained core competitiveness.

Mr. Cao first expressed his thanks to Wang and his entourage, and analyzed the current market situation and Changbao's response measures. Cao said that the current operating company feel the pressure in recent years, but we believe that by strengthening the internal management, adjust the structure, adhere to the difference of the road, continue to do strong and fine, will be able to achieve sustainable development.

In understanding the company's development, Vice Mayor of the company's steady development of the idea to give a positive, and encourage companies to become the industry's leading enterprises, to do stealth champion. Vice Mayor Wang pointed out that the company should do more strategic research, the next step in the development of energy curve and the national "all the way along the" economic strategy, while good use of listed companies platform for the development of the company to inject new vitality.

Zhou Qing, Deputy Secretary-General of Changzhou Municipal Government, Zhang Zhiqiang, Deputy Director of Science and Technology Commission, Lv Weiming, Deputy Secretary of Science and Technology Bureau, Wang Huagang and Zhang Jianguo, Deputy Secretaries of the Government Office participated in the research. (Responsible Editor Liu Zhifeng)

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