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Company emblem Hang Road reconstruction activities were a complete success

Views: 52306/07/2016  

             May 20, 2016, the company organized 60 managers in the Yi-line training camp, under the leadership of the coaches, to the emblem of Hangzhou Road (the road to the city center), to the training of staff, Launched a 22 km trekking challenge. On foot, we help each other, in the rain in the front line, in the beauty of the shuttle, all the way to adhere to the end, the successful completion of this emblem of Hangzhou Road remodeling trip.

             May 21 morning, all the staff training camp bus from Changzhou, to the entrance of the emblem of Hangzhou Road - Lin'an. After the arrival of security, 60 people were divided equally into six teams, each team to establish their own team name and slogan, namely: 1 team Emergency Unit, 2 teams Eagle team, 3 men to help, 4 teams into the team, Team, six teams of tiger team. Unit is completed, we packed up, back with tents, sleeping bags, supplies and other items backpack starting weight-bearing.

       The sky slippery, the road slippery, despite the difficult environment, but we excited the mood was unaffected, steady progress in the laughter, the completion of the day 8km on foot target, and camp in the blue sky concave.

             After the rest of the evening adjustment, the second day of the goal is 14km hiking and other collective tasks, and ultimately we brainstorming, united, successfully through the Yi-line trainers set the test.

       Sharing the General Assembly, Han Qiao Lin, general manager of the hiking activities on the remarks, stressed the "stick, pain points, the implementation of the" three key points, the team members also demonstrated the way to complete the "blueprint." With the end of the award ceremony, the emblem of the emblem of Hangzhou Road remodeling journey came to an end.

              After the event, we have said that this event honed our will to strengthen the team spirit of cooperation, I believe in the future work, all participants will be more energy and passion, fear of difficulties, practical work, move forward , With practical action for the company to contribute to the development!









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