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"I am running, I am healthy, I am happy" - Changbao second session of the staff of the Games and spring long-distance running successfully held

Views: 51104/28/2016  

      On the afternoon of April 28, the second session of the Changbao Staff Games and the Spring Long-distance Race were held in Jintan factory. Chairman of the Board Cao Jian, President Zhu Hongzhang, the responsible persons of the Company and the employees of Changbao Company all participated in this activity.

        Before the game, the company president Zhu Hongzhang made before the mobilization speech.

        Mr. Zhu pointed out that this event is a grand festival for all Changbao staffs and a grand occasion to test the enterprise culture of "Changbao" and "Qiangbao". It is an opportunity to show Changbao people for their enterprising spirit and courageous fighting spirit. The company has always been to establish a cohesive, mission, particularly able to combat the staff placed in a prominent position, to encourage the development of diverse forms, a variety of cultural and sports activities, so that employees healthy work, happy work.

        In the end, Cao Haoliang, Siyiliang, Zhuang Wenwei were the top three in 3000 meters, He Wenbo, Zhang Baoning, Guo Fangming were the top three in 6000 meters, Liu Wenguang, Qiao Xingwang, Tian Kai were the top three 9000 meters.

        The long-distance running activities further enriched the cultural life of employees, and promoted the positive, upward and strong enterprising spirit, and created a good environment for "happy work and happy life". To promote the construction of enterprise culture and promote the harmonious and healthy development of enterprises to a positive effect.













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