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Wujin Party Secretary Zhou Bin and his entourage to the company research

Views: 50702/25/2016  

On the afternoon of February 24, Zhou Bin, Secretary of the Party Committee of Wujin District, Dong Caifeng, Director of the Administrative Committee of the Economic Development Zone, and Shi Xuyong, Vice District Director of Wujin District, visited Changbao for investigation and exchange. Cao Jian, Chairman of the Board, Manager Yao Weimin, Assistant General Manager Yu Baoxiang warm reception.

Cao, chairman of the board to visit the party and his party reported Chang Bao current industry status, production and operation in recent years and 2016 the direction of development. He stressed that in the context of economic downturn and international oil prices fell, the company "double transformation, double upgrade" for business ideas, the company in 2015 the overall smooth operation; 2016 is the company's annual exam, the company will focus on endogenous power, Technology and innovation to achieve the power of leading products, market-leading structure, a small and beautiful enterprises.

After listening to the chairman of the report of Cao, Zhou Shuji Chang Po in the difficult situation has continued to maintain a stable development trend. Zhou Shuji pointed out that Changbao small and beautiful position is very good, in the current major transformation phase, I hope often Po focused on the field of energy pipe professional, around the power tube and tubing to further strengthen the technical strength, further market segments. Zhou Shuji said that the future market demand for high-end products have a lot of space, the company can do some reserve work, there must be three years after the new project, the market is in development, the opportunity to come to seize. In this case,

Finally, Zhou Shuji encouraged Chang Bao to seize the capital market development opportunities, make good use of government resources, combined with the open area of industrial characteristics and their own position, and stronger to do gifted for a long time.

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