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Changbao's first overseas factory-Changbao Oman oil pipe project project is officially completed

Views: 3210/24/2017  

On October 23rd, the completion ceremony of Changbao Oman petroleum pipe project was held in Sohar Free Trade Zone, Oman. Oman's Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Ministry of Labor and FTZ leaders, Petroleum Development Company of Oman (PDO) and other oil companies' customers, distributors' representatives were invited to attend the ceremony.

Changbao Oman project is Changbao's first "going out" project, located in the free trade zone of Sohar, the first largest port city in Oman, covering an area of 21,200 square meters, with a self-constructed factory of 2,000 square meters, with an annual output of 50,000 tons of tubing and casing processing project is equipped with international advanced high-precision threading line and other production equipment.

Changbao actively respond to the national "Belt and Road" development strategy, the Oman project is Changbao's first project to go abroad, the establishment of a factory here not only reduces the distance between the company and the Middle East customers, can be closer to the needs of customers, for the China-Oman construction of the "Belt and Road" to add a link of cooperation, for other Chinese entities to invest in the Oman market has played a leading role. Changbao's tubing and casing products are widely exported to major oil-producing countries in the Middle East, Central Asia, South America and other regions.

Changbao Oman will firmly adhere to Changbao "professional, precise and special" product positioning, with better quality products, closer service for Oman and other GCC member states to create value for customers. Changbao will also participate in the international division of labor and cooperation with a more active attitude to promote the balanced development of the company's international and domestic markets.


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