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National standard for seamless steel pipes with internal threads for high pressure boilers officially released

Views: 3406/08/2018  

Recently, the standard of internal threaded seamless steel pipe for high pressure boilers, which is led and participated in drafting by changzhou changbao precision special steel tube co., ltd, was approved and released by the national standardization administration of china. The standard will be implemented from February 1, 2019. This is also the first time that the state administration for market regulation has released a standard since its establishment.

The release and implementation of the standard makes the core competitiveness of the company's products produce qualitative changes in the market, injects new connotation into the continuous improvement of the brand strategy of "Changbao", and provides reliable guarantee for the company's production and operation. At the same time, the company realized a breakthrough in the production of seamless steel pipe for high-pressure boilers, enhanced the company's sustainability, and formed a series of internal threaded pipe products with the characteristics of company. It is reported that the series of national standards from the project to the development of the whole process has been highly valued by the industry, and successfully passed the review of industry experts.

Standardization is one of the key strategies of the country, which is the embodiment from "made in China" to "wisdom creating in China". Changbao Precision Special Steel Tube Co., Ltd., as a professional seamless steel pipe manufacturer, has always attached great importance to standardization. The company will take this opportunity to actively participate in the national standardization construction work, and strive to become a special high-end pipe manufacturer with distinctive features, value creation and excellent performance.


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