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Changbao held 2020 special connection new product conference

Views: 3009/29/2020  

In September 2020, the R&D center held a grand conference of new special connection products of Changbao in 2020 in the lecture hall on the second floor of Changbao Exhibition Hall. Chairman Cao Jian, General Manager Han Qiaolin, leaders and technicians of each unit attended the conference.

Four major connections were released in this conference, CBTS double step straight special connection, CBS3-Timed directional special thread, CBS3-HTC high torsional special connection, and CBS4 new generation special connection. At the meeting, Chairman Cao pointed out that in order to realize Changbao entering into a new stage, it is necessary to improve the technical precision and obtain the technical leadership, and put forward the development direction of three aspects: product brand, technological progress, and business management. During the conference, Mr. Han expressed his recognition and encouragement to the engineering development technicians of this conference, as well as his expectation for the efforts to promote the technical progress, and he hoped that all the technicians could make progress and work together.


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