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Changbao Precision's high-precision carbon steel and alloy steel seamless steel pipes have passed the first certification of "Jiangsu Quality" Certification.

Views: 3510/27/2023  

Recently, Changbao Precision's "high-precision carbon steel and alloy steel seamless steel pipes" have successfully passed the evaluation and review of "Jiangsu Quality" and obtained the "Jiangsu Quality" Certification. "Jiangsu Quality" Certification is jointly led and supervised by the Office of the Jiangsu Provincial Quality Development Commission and the Jiangsu Provincial Administration for Market Regulation. It is certified and evaluated by the Jiangsu Quality International Certification Alliance (hereinafter referred to as the Certification Alliance). Its predecessor was a famous brand product in Jiangsu Province, and it is a brand honor award recognized by the government. The aim is to comprehensively promote the construction of a strong quality province and create the "Jiangsu Quality" brand in accordance with the goal of "leading domestically and internationally". After independent application, cultivation and recommendation, and enterprise selection, we have successfully entered the on-site evaluation process. In late August, Huaxia certification audit experts, members of the Certification Alliance, conducted on-site evaluation and audit around the four dimensions of "innovative development", "excellent quality", "brand leadership", and "social responsibility", as well as the progressiveness of product indicators, encouraging enterprises to continue to increase investment, play a leading role in demonstration, and set an example in quality management, standard setting, and brand leadership. High precision carbon steel and alloy steel seamless steel pipes are high-precision specialized pipes developed by Changbao Precision, achieving full bright pipe supply in the segmented market of heat exchangers. Obtaining the "Jiangsu Quality" Certification this time fully proves that the physical quality of the product has reached the international advanced and domestic leading level, and has advantages such as strong innovation ability, excellent quality, good brand effect, and significant economic and social benefits. While reflecting its own brand, it also plays a leading role in industry typical demonstration, consolidating the market application of Changbao in the field of high-precision specialized pipes, and contributing to the country's further achievement of energy efficiency utilization.

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