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Shine the Changbao brand and fully promote the localization process of high-end OCTG

Views: 7501/08/2024  

Recently, good news came from PetroChina Tarim Oilfield that Changbao's self-developed super 13Cr CBS3 premium connection tubing has successfully been put into service in the Tarim Kuche Mountain area. 


The Kuche Mountain front area has abundant natural gas resources, and due to its characteristics of ultra-deep, ultra-high pressure, ultra-high temperature, and low permeability, the performance requirements for tubing are very strict. For a long time, the 13Cr tubing required for the Kuche Shanqian well in the Tarim Oilfield have mainly relied on imports, which are not only expensive but also have a long supply cycle. Domestic 13Cr tubing are only exclusively supplied.

In order to address customer pain points and difficulties, support the oilfield in promoting cost reduction and efficiency improvement, and accelerate the localization process of high-end OCTG, the Changbao Sales Research and Production Team has gone through two years of in-depth communication and exchange with users, determining various technical indicators and production processes of the product, and submitting nearly 30 experimental reports. After scientific evaluation of the oilfield, it is believed that the performance of Changbao Super 13Cr tubing is consistent with that of imported products under the same corrosion environment, and the joint connection efficiency (tensile resistance, compression resistance, internal pressure resistance, and external pressure resistance) reaches 100%, which is the same as the strength of the pipe body. Thus, it has the conditions for trial use in the Tarim Oilfield. Finally, Changbao Super 13Cr premium connection tubing was successfully lowered into the Kela2-H20 well.

Super 13Cr premium connection tubing is one of the important achievements of Changbao's high-quality development and high-end product research and development. The successful service of Super 13Cr premium connection tubing in Tarim Oilfield marks a new stage of cooperation between Changbao and Tarim Oilfield. Not only has it solved the supply problem of 13Cr tubing in front of Kuche Mountain in Tarim Oilfield, but it has also opened up a new "track" for customers to reduce costs and increase efficiency, which is of great significance for promoting the localization process of high-end OCTG and ensuring the stable development of oil and gas resources in the western region.

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