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National Honor +1—JIANGSU CHANGBAO PRECISION STEEL TUBE CO., LTD. has been awarded the National Specialized,High-end and Innovation-driven Little Giants

Views: 7802/20/2024  

On February 19th,Jintan District Committee and Jintan District Government held the first meeting at the beginning of Spring Festival - The Mobilization conference for practicing the "Four Dares" Spirit and promoting the "Five Great Actions" to build a New Energy City Demonstration Zone. At the meeting, the Jintan District Committee and Jintan District Government held a centralized awarding ceremony for the 2023 National Specialized,High-end and Innovation-driven Little Giants enterprises, and Changbao Precision was awarded this title.


According to the Interim Measures for the Management of Gradient Cultivation of High Quality Small and Medium-sized Enterprises issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the recognition standards for the Specialized, High-end and Innovation-driven "little giant" enterprises are very high.Quantitative and qualitative indicator requirements are proposed around six dimensions: specialization, refinement, differentiation, innovation, chain, and quality. The recognition of a Specialized, High-end and Innovation-driven "little giant" enterprises need to meet the requirements of six indicators at the same time. It should be a model enterprise that focuses on segmented markets,strong innovation capabilities, large market share, and strengths in core technologies, as well as excellent quality and efficiency.


As a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, manufacturing, and service of special steel tubes, Changbao Precision has been deeply involved in the market of special steel tubes for a long time.Our tubing, small diameter alloy high-pressure boiler tubes, HRSG ultra-long tubes, U-shaped tubes for heat exchangers and other products have maintained a leading market share in the industry.In recent years, Changbao Precision has been awarded multiple honors such as Jiangsu Province Quality Credit AAA Level Enterprise,Jiangsu Quality Benchmark Enterprise, Jiangsu Boutique Enterprise.

The award of the National Specialized,High-end and Innovation-driven Little Giants Enterprise this time is a affirmation of technological level, research and development capabilities, and brand capabilities of Changbao Precision.It is also a recognition of its specialization,characteristic, and differentiated development, which will have a positive impact on improving its industry influence and sustainable development ability.

In the future, Changbao will adhere to the development path of "Specialized,High-end and Innovation-driven",continue to deeply cultivate the field of special steel tubes,and constantly improve its independent innovation ability and technological research and development level, make its products specialized,high-end and best, to provide customers with higher quality products and services, and strive to become a globally renowned brand enterprise of special tubes, and a good example for the Specialized,High-end and Innovation-driven "little giant".

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