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Changbao has successfully developed S-shaped bend pipe products

Views: 2801/16/2021  

Recently, Changbao successfully developed S-shaped bend pipe for heat exchangers, completing the delivery task as per the customer's contract smoothly.

S-shaped bend heat exchangers are commonly used in thermal power, chemical, light industry, pharmaceuticals, and other industrial production processes, and they are one type of tubular heat exchanger. Compared to U-shaped heat exchangers, maintenance for serpentine tube heat exchangers is simpler and more convenient. Therefore, the replacement of U-shaped heat exchangers with S-shaped bend heat exchangers has become a major trend in the industry.

Through relentless efforts, the Changbao team has made improvements and enhancements in areas such as mold design optimization and equipment parameter adjustment. On January 5th, 2021, Changbao's first batch of S-shaped bend pipes successfully rolled off the production line. The company has completed the initial batch production of S-shaped bend pipes, fulfilling the production tasks specified in customer contracts. The successful development of S-shaped bend pipes further enriches Changbao's product range, creating more value for customers.


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