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Changbao Group's PQF production line has officially completed construction and commenced operation.

Views: 2906/19/2021  

On June 18th, 2021, the signing ceremony for major projects in Jintan District, Changzhou City, and the completion and commissioning ceremony of Changbao Group's PQF production line were grandly held at Changbao Precision. Chen Zhengchun, Deputy Mayor of Changzhou City, and leaders from Jintan District including Di Zhiqiang, Lu Qiuming, Wang Yuezhong, Chen Suolong, and other relevant officials attended the ceremony. Representatives from investment enterprises, Changbao's clients, Changbao's suppliers and Changbao's workforce were also invited to attend the ceremony.



At the ceremony, Mr. Xiao Peng, General Manager of CISDI, Mr. Norbert Theelen, CEO of SMS China, and Mr. Chen Ou, representative of China Petroleum Materials Co., Ltd. delivered speeches on the stage to express their congratulations, while overseas customers of Changbao sent their blessings for Changbao's grand ceremony through video messages.

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