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A New Beginning! Changbao Officially Launched Steel Pipe Technology Research and Development Center

Views: 4012/09/2021  


On December 8th, the inauguration ceremony of the Changbao Steel Pipe Technology Research and Development Center and the MCT project results presentation were grandly held in the newly constructed Technology Lecture Hall of the research center. The launch of the new research center signifies another solid step forward for Changbao in promoting technological advancement and establishing itself as a leader in technology.


Before the event began, all participants visited the Changbao Steel Pipe Technology Research and Development Center building and laboratories together.

Mr. Zhu Hongzhang, the company’s director and Senior Technical Director introduced the organizational structure, business functions, and future research directions of the research center. He stated that in the future, the research center will work in multiple areas including material and process research, development of premium joints, research on product corrosion performance, and research project management. With the goal of "technological leadership," the center aims to establish an influential research platform within the industry.

On behalf of the company's board of directors, Chairman Cao Jian expressed heartfelt gratitude to all teams involved in the preparation, construction, and successful launch of the project. He hoped that the future research center would promote an engineer culture and craftsmanship spirit, embodying a research culture characterized by "rationality, professionalism, rigor, and effectiveness". He emphasized the importance of fully leveraging the advantages and value of every professional engineer, continuously delving into key areas such as new products, new materials, new processes, and new equipment. The aim is to make the Changbao Steel Pipe Technology Research and Development Center a leading domestic and internationally renowned technology center for the development of small and medium outer diameter steel pipe.

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