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Good news! Changbao has been awarded the title of "Excellent Supplier" by SFW.

Views: 4703/03/2022  

On February 25th, Mr. Li Xiaolei, Vice President of Project Execution for Sumitomo Heavy Industries Power Group (SFW) Asia, on behalf of SFW, presented Changbao with the 2021 Excellent Supplier Award trophy and certificate. This recognition honors Changbao's outstanding performance in product quality for SFW over the past few years.


Customer affirmation is the greatest driving force for Changbao's progress. In the future development process, Changbao will adhere to the business positioning of "high quality, specialization, and innovation", with technological advancement and lean management as the focal points. We will continue to provide even higher quality products and services, creating more value for our customers.

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