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Changbao Super 13Cr CBS3 Premium Joint Tubing Successfully Entered CNPC Tarim Market

Views: 3509/23/2022  

Recently, the good news is received from the Tarim Oilfield: the independently developed Super 13Cr premium joint tubing CB-S13Cr110 CBS3 by Changbao Group has won a batch order. Changbao's 73.02-114.3 caliber products cover the full range of oil pipe specifications, making it the second domestic steel pipe company to supply Super 13Cr to Tarim Oilfield.

The geological conditions of Tarim Oilfield exploration and development are extremely complex, with ultra-deep, ultra-high pressure, ultra-high temperature. Harsh working conditions and corrosive environments of "Three Ultra" gas wells pose extremely strict requirements on material chemical composition, corrosion resistance, mechanical properties, connection strength, etc. Under the guidance of experts from Tarim Oilfield, the research and development team of Changbao Group bravely tackled difficulties and overcame challenges. By solving multiple technical exchanges and discussions, they successfully signed several technical agreements and secured orders.

The successful approval of CB-S13Cr110 CBS3 marks a new phase in the cooperation between Changbao Group and CNPC's Tarim Oilfield, solving the material challenges for tubings in the exploration and development of the Kelaasu structural belt in the Kuqa foreland basin of Tarim Oilfield. This breakthrough frees us from the limitations of foreign products and technologies, providing a powerful guarantee for the domestication of high-end OCTG products and the safe and stable development of western oil and gas resources in the future.

In the future, with the successful utilization of Changbao Group's CB-S13Cr110 CBS3 product in Tarim Oilfield, the company will accelerate the promotion and application of its high-end products in other markets with similarly demanding and complex extraction conditions. This will further enhance the company's brand value.

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