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9396 meters! Changbao CBS3 tubing has helped break the record for the deepest horizontal well in Asia.

Views: 4105/11/2023  

Recently, good news came from a certain oilfield in western China. Changbao CBS3 tubing has successfully drilled into the deepest horizontal well in Asia, helping the oilfield advance deeper into the Earth and continuously creating new records. The oil field has a surface elevation of 935-1013 meters and a well depth of 9396 meters, breaking the record for the deepest horizontal well in Asia. This well is a special oil field with ultra-deep, ultra-high temperature, and ultra-high pressure. The drilling process faces difficulties and challenges such as high temperature, high pressure, strong acid, and strong corrosion. The well began oil testing work in mid April, and in late April, Changbao successfully inserted a special anti hydrogen sulfide corrosion tubing into the well.

The company's technical service team provided technical support throughout the drilling team and successfully completed the well following service work. The entire process of tubing entering the well was smooth. The drilling team, oil testing supervisor, and tubing team highly praised the physical quality of Changbao products and on-site technical services. Changbao's anti hydrogen sulfide corrosion premium connection tubing has stable anti hydrogen sulfide stress corrosion ability, matched with the independently developed CBS3 gas sealed premium connection, with excellent connection strength and sealing performance. The product has passed the most rigorous four level evaluation test. Changbao will continue to pay attention to customer needs, strengthen technological innovation, and continuously research and develop high-strength, high toughness, and high corrosion resistant series of premium connection OCTG, providing customers with high-quality products and creating more value for them. In the future, Changbao will continue to build a technology leading technology oriented company, committed to becoming a globally renowned brand enterprise of special pipes.

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